Redazione Giornalistica delle classi 4° di  San Pietro Bilingue con Pluriclasse Savogna
Spazio per discussioni, confronti, suddivisione dei compiti, raccolta delle fonti e scrittura degli articoli giornalistici!
Questa è la vostra Redazione congiunta, incontratevi qui per realizzare il vostro giornale!
In arrivo per voi i tesserini dei giornalisti RDF e un libro con CD per realizzare un vero giornale!
Buon lavoro!

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  1. 11 gennaio 2012
    stefy pittia » Scuola: primaria premariacco »


    Non vuol dire ke me ne vado ma semplicemente volevo salutare TUTTI!!!!!xd
    ^^ ^_^MANDI

  2. 20 aprile 2011
    Eho Ehov » Scuola: »

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  3. 7 aprile 2011
    CLASSE QUARTA » Scuola: bilingue »

    Have you been to London?

    Hello friends,how are you? We are well.
    Three children of our class have been to London and they visited all the things you saw in your virtual tour. And you, have you been to London? We would like to go to London. Bye bye write us soon.

  4. 6 aprile 2011
    classe4 » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    Craig's diary

    Hi friends, in these days we have read the diary of an English boy, Craig. In his diary he tells his daily life in Britain: his family, pets, school, hobbies and food. We have noted some differences with our life. Do you know in Britain children start school at nine o'clock? They are very lucky , do you agree? Craig wears a uniform at school: grey trousers, a white shirt and a blue sweatshirt. And you, do you wear a uniform? We don't wear uniforms. In our next message we want to write about the food at school. See you soon !!

  5. 15 marzo 2011
    alunni savogna » Scuola: primaria Savogna »

    London Virtual Tour (1)

    Today we watched a English DVD about London.
    We watched: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, some parks, pigeons, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus and a lot of other places.
    In the next weeks we tell you other things about London.
    See you
    Your friends from Savogna

  6. 3 marzo 2011
    Jacopo » Scuola: bilingue »

    Hello, my name is Jacopo. I'm nine years old. I live in Corno di Rosazzo. My hobbie is repearing motorbikes and go carts. When I grow up I want to be a forest ranger. My favourite food is salami. I like music and my favorite band is AC\DC

  7. 3 marzo 2011
    Giuditta » Scuola: bilingue »

    I will be a techer

    My name is Giuditta and I'm nine years old. My favourite subject is English.I've got two sisters and one brother. When I grow up I want to be a teacher. I like swimming. I can play the accordion.
    Bye bye!!!

  8. 18 febbraio 2011
    Giulio Gioele » Scuola: primaria Savogna »

    the boy

    My name is Giulio Giole and I'm 11 years old.
    I'm from Savogna a little village in the Valli del Natisone, near the mountains.
    I was born in udine on 7th October 1999.
    I'm tall and thin; I've got short blond hair, browm eyes, a little nose, a pretty mouth and I wear glasses.
    My favourite colour is green, my favourite games are cars, bulldozers and computer. I also play with me pets: Sissi and Birba are my cats ang Geppy is my dog.
    I like watching tv, swimming and F1.
    My mum's name is Giovanna and my dad's name is Mario.
    In summer I go at the seaside with my mum, my aunt Marta, Gabriele anf Emanuele who are my cousins. I like playing and swimming with them very much!
    In my school there aren't many pupills: we are only 12, but we enjoied stay together and our teachers are wonderful!
    Giulio Gioele

  9. 18 febbraio 2011
    Suzana » Scuola: primaria Savogna »


    Hello, my name is Suzana. I

  10. 18 febbraio 2011
    Sara » Scuola: primaria Savogna »


    Hello! My name is Sara. I

  11. 18 febbraio 2011
    Serena » Scuola: primaria Savogna »


    My name is Serena. I

  12. 18 febbraio 2011
    Danela » Scuola: primaria Savogna »


    Hello! I

  13. 18 febbraio 2011
    alunni savogna » Scuola: primaria Savogna »

    Nice to meet you

    We are the students of the 4th and 5th class of Primary School of Savogna.
    In our school, there are only 12 students from the second class to the fifth class. We are 2 in second class, 5 in the third, 3 in the fourth and 2 in the fifth.
    We have English lesson on the Tuesday morning from 8.30 to 10.30.
    The name of our teacher is Laura.

  14. 4 febbraio 2011
    Alessio » Scuola: bilingue »


    Hello, my name is Alessio. I'm nine years old. My favourite sport is football. My favouirte subjects are Sport and Maths. Bye bye

  15. 4 febbraio 2011
    Matteo R. » Scuola: bilingue »

    Hello, my name is Matteo. I'm nine years old. My favourite Subject is Maths. I'm from Cividale. My favourite band is AC/DC. My favorite song is TNT. I have a dog her name is Mafy.Write us soon!

  16. 4 febbraio 2011
    Federico » Scuola: bilingue »

    The reader

    Hi, I'm Federico. I'm nine years old. My favourite subject is Science. I like fish and chips. My hobby is reading, the best book is "piccoli brividi-Il gemello malefico". Good bye

  17. 4 febbraio 2011
    LUCA » Scuola: bilingue »

    introducing myself

    Hi, I'm Luca. I'm nine years old. My favourite subject is Sport and I like skateboarding. I'm from Povoletto. I like music and my favourite band is The Green Day...do you know The Green Day?

  18. 4 febbraio 2011
    Eric » Scuola: bilingue »

    I'm mr Eric

    Hello, My name is Eric. I'm ten. My favourite food is pizza, my favourite subject is Maths. My hobby is riding the bike. Is anybody in your class who is ten years old?

  19. 3 febbraio 2011
    classe 4 » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »


    Hello dear friends, we are class 4 of the bilingual school of S. Pietro. We are happy to do this project with you. We have a lot of ideas.We would like to talk about ecology or history of Grat Britain or festivals or languages in the world; we can also talk about food (our food and British food). And you have you got any ideas? Write us soon and tell us your ideas.
    Bye for now

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