mindsragnoSpazio del gruppo degli accademici “Healthy Mind” della scuola primaria bilingue di San Pietro al Natisone, classe 5 e degli Accademici “Crossed Webs” della classe 5a della scuola primaria di Premariacco.
Giardino dei saperi: Lingue
Questo è il vostro spazio per discussioni, confronti, suddivisione dei compiti, raccolta di idee e diari di bordo. Incontratevi qui per ideare, progettare e portare a  termine il vostro percorso.

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  1. 12 marzo 2013
    Nicole » Scuola: primaria di Premariacco »

    I like music

    Dear Camilla and friends,
    I'm Nicole. I'm ten years old. I' m from Orsaria. I've got brown hair and brown eyes. I'm not very tall. My dad's name is Luca, my mum's name is Tatiana. I like dancing zumba. I like pizza and chocolate. My favourite tv programme is Violetta too and I like very much listening to music. I like every kind of music!!!
    Bye bye Camilla.
    By Nicole

  2. 8 marzo 2013
    Alessandro » Scuola: »

    I want to be a footballer

    Dear Peter,
    Hi, my name is Alessandro. I liked a lot your letter.

  3. 8 marzo 2013
    Gioia » Scuola: »

    I see the whole world...

    Dear Nina,
    I liked a lot your letter. Thank you!
    Now I describe myself: I

  4. 8 marzo 2013
    Ladjon » Scuola: »


    Dear friends,
    Hi, I

  5. 8 marzo 2013
    Marco » Scuola: »

    My favorites

    Dear Francesco, and friends,
    I liked a lot your letter. Thank you!!
    Now I describe myself.

  6. 8 marzo 2013
    JESSICA » Scuola: »

    My world

    Dear Friends,
    Hi, my is Jessica.I

  7. 2 marzo 2013
    Raul » Scuola: Premariacco »


    Dear Nicol

  8. 1 marzo 2013
    Alessandro » Scuola: Premariacco »

    I like football

    I liked a lot your letter.Thank you!!
    Now I describe myself.

  9. 1 marzo 2013
    Emanuele » Scuola: Premariacco »

    Happy birthday to you

    Dear Friends
    Hello! My name is Emanuele. I liked your letters!!

  10. 1 marzo 2013
    Chiara » Scuola: Primaria Premariacco »

    I like volleyball.

    I lied lot your letter.
    Now I describe my self :
    Hi Nina ! Hi friends!I' m Chiara.
    I am ten years old my birthday is on the 14 th October
    I'm tall and thin. l' ve got grey eyes .
    My favourite color is purple .
    My favourite animal is the horse.
    My favourite sport is volleyball .
    I play the piano. Can you?. I dont like Goegraphy .Do you?
    I have got a lot of hobbies : hair dresser and make - up artist . I go to school in Premariacco

  11. 1 marzo 2013
    Eva » Scuola: Primaria di Premariacco »

    I like animals

    Dear Lisa and friends,
    I like a lot your letter.Thank you!!!
    Now describe myselfy:
    Hi my name is Eva.I am ten years old.My birthday is on the 19th of June.I live in San Giovanni al Natisone.
    I have short-brown hair and brown eyes. I am thin.My family consist in:
    My mum, my dad and me.I haven't got brothers or sisters. My mum's name is Simonetta and my dad's name
    is Luca. I have got two cats, Ciliegia and Tataruga,they live in my grandmother's house. I love animals!
    Do you? My favourite food are pizza and ice cream.I go to the Primary School in Premariacco. I like going to school every day and meeting my friends.
    Bye bye Eva,

  12. 1 marzo 2013
    GRETA » Scuola: Primaria di Premariacco »


    Dear Carlotta and friends,
    Hi,my name's GRETA and I'm ten years old.I'm from ORSARIA.I 've got long,light,brown hair and blue eyes
    I'm tall and fattish.There are five people in my family : my mum Dalida', my dad Giancarlo, my sister Chantal
    my brother Mirko and me.I've got one dog Sky and two cats,Guendalina and Nerina.I like lasagne and pizza.
    I don't like kiwi and peppers.I like skating,running and jumping.My favourite animal is the horse.My favourite
    colour is red.My favourite channel is RAI GULP.What's your favourite TV programme?I'm a very happy and
    noisy girl !!
    Write me soon.

  13. 28 febbraio 2013
    Nicol » Scuola: Primaria Premariacco »

    I can run very fast

    Dear Stefano,
    thank you for your letter.I like it a lot!
    Hi,I'm Nicol

  14. 23 febbraio 2013
    sofia » Scuola: primaria di premariacco »

    hip-hop girl

    Dear Camilla and friends,Happy to read your letter
    My name's Sofia.I've got blonde hair ,blue eyes.I'm short and fattish.I'm ten years old and.I'm really funny with my friends. This is my family:my mum is called Mara,my dad is called Giorgio. I'm got two sisters:Irene and Ylenia .My favourite tv programme is "Violetta".
    I like every kind of music!!
    I like dancing:I practise hip-hop.I'm very good at it!!
    Bye Bye Camilla!!!Bye sofia

  15. 22 febbraio 2013
    Gabriele » Scuola: prmaria di Premariacco »

    Spring by bike

    Hi Roberto and friends!
    mi name is Gabriele and I am ten years old . I am from Premariacco . I am 1,42m tall and I am very
    strong .I have blond hair and light-blue eyes . I like football very much and I play in the
    Forum Julii team. I like to go to school but I don't like to study. In spring i ride my bike all day .
    Write me soon!! bye bye

  16. 22 febbraio 2013
    Rebecca » Scuola: Primaria di Premariacco »

    Can you crochet ?

    Dear Lisa and friends,

    I liked your letter.
    Now I describe myself:
    hi my name is Rebecca.
    I am ten years old.
    My birthday is on the 4th of August.
    I am from Italy,but I live in Ipplis near Premariacco.
    I have short blond hair and blue eyes.
    Im my family there are:my mum,my dad me and my sister.
    My mum's name is Ilenia,my dad's name is Roberto and my sister's name is Angelica,she's two years old.
    I have got a lot of hobbies:volleyball and crocheting.
    My favorite food is fish.
    I go to school in Premariacco.
    I want to be a dentist.
    can you crochet?Do you like crocheting?

    from Rebecca

  17. 19 febbraio 2013
    Argante » Scuola: Accademia Dei Saperi »


    Ciao ragazzi!Ci sar

  18. 18 gennaio 2013
    Nicol » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I have a dog called Layla

    Hi, my name is Nicol

  19. 22 dicembre 2012
    Crossed Webs » Scuola: Premariacco »

    AUGURI !!!


  20. 20 dicembre 2012
    Nina » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I like dogs

    Hi, I

  21. 20 dicembre 2012
    Gabriele » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I do karate

    Hi ,my name is Gabriele. I

  22. 20 dicembre 2012
    Roberto » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I like Metallica

    Hi , I am Roberto ,and I am ten years old. I am from Faedis in Friuli Venezia-Giulia. I like mountains. I am tall 1,47 m, I am very tall. I have brown hair and brown-green eyes. I

  23. 20 dicembre 2012
    Stefano » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    me and my crest

    Hi, I am Stefano.
    I am ten years old. My birthday is on 13th June.
    I am tall, strong, thin and very, very fast.
    In my family there are four people: my sister Fanika, my dad Michele, my mum Susanna, me

  24. 20 dicembre 2012
    Marko » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I can play piano

    Hi, I'm Marko. I'm ten years old and I have my birthday on 14th November. I'm from San Pietro. I have blue-green eyes and brown hair. I have a big mouth. I haven't got brothers or sisters. I haven't got pets. I have one pet with my grandma. I have two hobbies: I can play piano and I can play football. I'm greedy and I like pizza and all the vegetables. I'm very good at maths. I want to be a chef.

  25. 19 dicembre 2012
    Peter » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I'm strong

    My name is Peter. I am 10 years old. I am from Italy, I live in a small village: Sorzento. I am big and strong. I have got grey eyes. My hair is brown. My best friends are my school mates. My birthday is on 25th of February. I have got two brothers: Mitja and Samo. Mitja is 14 years old and he goes to the high school in Gorizia, Samo goes to school to San Pietro al Natisone with me. My mum

  26. 19 dicembre 2012
    Carlotta » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    This is me

    Hi, my name is Carlotta. I am ten years old. I

  27. 19 dicembre 2012
    Francesco » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    Hi, who are you?

    My name is Francesco.I

  28. 19 dicembre 2012
    Camilla » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    Camilla or Cami

    Hi, I

  29. 19 dicembre 2012
    Lisa » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I'm German

    Hi my name is LISA. I am ten years old. My birthday is on the 28th of December. I am from Germany, but I live in Azzida near San Pietro. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I am tall and thin like my mum. My family consists in: my mum, my dad, ME and my brother. My mum

  30. 19 dicembre 2012
    Nicol » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I'm the Blond Boy

    Hello, my name is Nicol

  31. 11 dicembre 2012
    crossed webs » Scuola: primaria Premariacco »

    here we are!

    Hello friends!
    Thank you for your mail. In our class we are 22: 11 boys and 11girls. We are all close friends, that's the reason why we like the web, to be always wrapped together.
    In our school we speak only Italian but we olso learn English.
    We have four teachers: one for Italian, History, Goegraphy, Sport, Art and Music; one for Science and Maths; one for English and one for Religion.
    We are preparing our description and we will send it to you, hopefully soon.
    Bye bye for now.
    Your friends, Crossed webs

  32. 3 dicembre 2012
    Healthy Minds » Scuola: classe 5 scuola bilingue S.Pietro al Natisone »

    Hi,nice to meet you.

    Hi we are the healthy minds.
    We like apples as you can see in our logo! We are very happy to meet you. In our class we are 19 children, 6 girls and 13 boys, can you imagine the noise? Our school is special ,because it is a bilingual school. In fact we speak two languages, Italian and Slovene, and we study also English.
    We are preparing our introductions to know each other and we'll write them here as soon as possible.
    Write us soon.
    Bye bye
    Healthy Minds

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