Italy meets Sweden:
We are the kids of class 1C from the “A. Schweitzer” school in San Giovanni al Natisone, in Italy and the kids of class 5B from the Kolarängskolan primary school, in Sweden. This is the space where we are going to exchange messages in order to get to know one another and learn something more about our partners’ country.
Italien möter Sverige:
Vi är barnen i klass 1C från A. Schweitzer skolan i San Giovanni al Natisone, i Italien och barnen i klass 5B Kolarängsskolan Järfälla i Sverige. Det här är vi kommer att skriva till varandra för att lära känna varandra och för att lära oss om varandras länder.
Italia e Svezia si incontrano:
Siamo i ragazzi della classe 1C della scuola sec. di I gr. “A. Schweitzer” di San Giovanni al Natisone, in Italia ed i ragzzi della classe 5B della scuola primaria Kolarängskolan, in Svezia. In questo spazio ci scambieremo messaggi per imparare a conoscerci e per far scoprire
qualcosa in più sui nostri rispettivi paesi.

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61 Messaggi

  1. 16 giugno 2013
    Nina » Scuola: Kolarengskolan »

    Hello! Denisa

    I've turned 12 at 8 june.
    I Will send more letter.
    I have Summer. I'm feel good. Have you mail? Do you know what instagram are? I have instagram.
    It was a short letter but I'll at baptism so I'll make myself ready
    Hope your life is good (My life is good) //Nina
    Hope you Will send more latter.:) to you denisa

  2. 16 giugno 2013
    Anonimo » Scuola: » I,m Nina

    Hello! Denisa

    I've turned 12 at 8 june.

  3. 29 aprile 2013
    Juan Guillermo » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1C


    My name is Juan Guillermo. I'm from Colombia. I'm 12 years old. Now I live in Corno di Rosazzo. I arrived in Italy on the 27th of Fabruary. I am learning Italian. I'm of medium height and thin. I have got black eyes and short black hair. I love pizza!!! I don't like doing homework. I have got a brother and a sister. Yorman is almost 6 years old and Angelica is 10 years old. Jorge is my dad. Gabriella is my mum. I like Italy. My favourite singer is Dariyanqui. He is Colombian. My favourite football team is Nacional, a Colombian team. Please write soon.

  4. 29 aprile 2013
    yong hao » Scuola: »


    Dear my frend.
    The our lesson are formed of five hours. And you?
    we do until Saturday, and you?
    My favourite mater is art and gym.
    What you favourite mater?
    My hated matter are maths and History.
    What your hated matter?
    We have a breakfast.
    I live in san giovanni al natisone.
    In my House, my favourite room is the my bedroom because play with my brothers and play with my computer.
    speak me of your house!
    i live in the big town.
    in my town there are shops.
    do you live in the town or in the coutry?
    i love my town because I play with my friends.
    in my free time I spend my free time so only Sunday is what do you do in your spare time?

  5. 29 aprile 2013
    Cinzia » Scuola: Albert Schweitzer »

    Hello!! Casper

    Dear Casper!!!!
    How are you?
    I'm good. My birthday is on 16th August. In this letter I want to speak about my school. I go to school from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday I sleep until late. My subjeets are Geometry, Science, Mathematics, Music, English, Religion, History, Geography, Grammar, Italian, Poetry, German, Art, Gymnastics, Technology, Information technology, Epics. I hate many subjeets but I love Science, Art, Music, and English. Lessons last five hours a day. We have a computer lab, it is freezing cold and some computers are old and some are new. We have a whiteboard and a video lab. We always have a pause of 10 m, this is the break time, we have a snack and play. I like reading, my favourite colour is violet and my favourite animals are polar bears and horses. What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite animal? Is it difficult to play the guitar? Write soon,

  6. 29 aprile 2013
    Claudia » Scuola: A Schweitzer »


    Hello! I'm Claudia! How are you? I hope good! I want to tell you something about my school! First of all we do five lessons a day, from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday we are free. There are so many subjects, but my favourites are P.E and English. At 11.00 the bell rings and we have a break and our snacks! In my free time I Stay at home because I don't play sport. Now it's your turn to tell me about your school and your free time! See you soon!
    By Claudia! C=

  7. 23 aprile 2013
    Denisa » Scuola: A Schweitzer »


    Hello Nina! Thanks for the letter! How are you?I hope good! I would like to answer your question, if I like or not One Direction! I assure you that I'm not a directioner but not even one that hatesthem, your name instead is very Beautiful! I wont to tell you something abot my school!First of all, we do lessons five haurs a day, froma Mondey to Saturday! On Sunday we are free!
    There are so many subjects, but my favourites are geometry, mathematics, art and English. At 11.00 the bell rings to have a break an to eat our snake! Our school does not have a lot of computer equipament! There is only a computer room where there are only 10 computers and the class 2^C which is equipped whit a interactive whiteboard. In my free time, after finisching my homework, i go to volleyball training! I practice only on Mondays, Wendesday and Thursdays but sometimes also on Saturdays two hours a day! On the after days, when I do not training I like to rad books, surf in internet, go out with friends and study...! How it's your tur to tell me abot your school and your free time! Hope you soon! Bye Denisa! C:

  8. 23 aprile 2013
    Asia » Scuola: A. Schweitzer »

    To Samuel

    Dear SAMUEL
    I like pizza and football too.
    I hate school and yuo?
    I don't like grammar,maths,music while my favourite subject is P.E.My favourite animals are dogs and cats.
    I pratice dance and yuo?
    In my class there are 24 people.
    My subjects are are:P.E.,grammar,maths,music,english,religion,history,science,epic,geography,anthology,information,technology,poety and yours?
    After three hours we have a break and we have a snak.
    I live in a big house with my parents, there are 3 floors.
    Tell me about your house!
    I live in Friuli-Venezia Giulia in a little quiet village. I practice dance on Thursday and Friday with my friends Sharon, Rachele, Elisa, Giulia, Gaia, Alessia, giulia and Alice.
    Bye Bye,

  9. 23 aprile 2013
    jona » Scuola: A Schweitzer »

    for Isabelle

    Dear Isabelle,
    I am happy for you letter. How are you?
    I would like to tell you about my school.
    In our school there are two floors.It starts at 1.Every day we have got several Music,Gimmanastics,Science,and Others...My favorite is English and tose I hate are Istory and German. I live in a qiute big apartment.It has got 6 rooms and my favorite is my room because there I spend a loot of time. Those town there I live is smoll. There are three supermarkets. Sometimes I get bored I would like to liv in Buttrio or Villanova because I have meny friends . There I spend my three time daing my homwork and hangind araund with my friends and going swimming.
    What about you?
    Do you do any sports ?
    Do you like going to school ?
    JONA :D

  10. 23 aprile 2013
    matteo » Scuola: Albert » Schweitzer

    My school

    Dear Otto,
    How are you? I want to tell you about my school, today.
    I start school at eight to five. My favourite subject is maths and my most hated subject is history. We have a pause at eleven. My town is quite big. There are newsageuts,ice-cream parlours and supermarkets. I like my town because I enjoy myseff with my friends. I spend my free time playing with my frends and playing the psp. Please write soon and tell me about your free time.

  11. 23 aprile 2013
    Giulia » Scuola: »


    Hello Hedda, today I want to speak about my school.
    I go to school 6 days, a week and 5 hours a day.
    Lesson start at 7.55 and finish at 12.55.
    The subjets are Italian, History,Geography,English, German

  12. 23 aprile 2013
    Marilena » Scuola: Albert Schweitzer »

    Hello!! Alva :-D

    Dear Alva,:-)
    At school, do you have a pc for each student? We do not because we are two or three to use the same pc. Our classes start at 8 am and finish at 12:55. The subjets we have are Italian, English, history, Mathematics, German, Religion, Music and information technology.
    I have lunch at home, as a snack I usually have a sweet or crackers. My favorite subjects are music, art, P.E., English and those I hate are grammar, mathematics and history.
    I live in a spacious home of 12 rooms with a lot of plants and trees. My favorite room is my bedroom because there are many soft toys and there are my clothes and accessories. And what about your house?
    My town is quite big and there are plenty of various places: there is a park, a square, a lot of shops etc.....
    My dream is to go to Paris when I'm older with a dear friend.
    I usually spend the afternoon reading, doing my homework, watching tv and playing, but I also go to dance classes, I like to pick flowers in the spring and I really would like to become a singer.
    bye Marilena :-D :-)

  13. 23 aprile 2013
    manuel » Scuola: A Schweitzer » 1c

    My school starts at 7:55 until 12:55,but lessons start at 8 o'clock and finish at 12:45 with a pause for a snack at 1 o'clock.My subject favourite is technology and the subject is religion.I leave in an apartment of 100 m2 with 3 bedrooms and do my favourite is mine, where I ply,read and do my homework.The town where I live at San Giovanni,has got many shops. What I like about it is that we can stay with my friend,eat pizza, icecream or to the at park.In my free time I play the PS3,on the computer or with my dog Odie and Ihave a lot of fun.

  14. 23 aprile 2013
    gaia » Scuola: »


    hello Hedda.
    how are you?
    What are your favorite subjects?
    big is your house?
    I'm fine, my favorite subjects are art and gym, instead hate mathematics and geometry.
    our school schedules begin at 8.00 and end at 13.00 though, luckily there is a short break at 11.00 where you eat and drink. I like recess because there's a guy I like and I can only look at recreation.
    I have a very large house that has two floors.
    It has 10 rooms and my favorite is my room.
    My country is very small because there are no shops.
    In the afternoon I make dance from 18.30 to 19.30, Tuesday and Thursday.
    I have a dog named Lilli, a cat named Stella and a canary named cipi.
    My favorite singer is Violetta.
    Bye Bye!

  15. 23 aprile 2013
    Johnny » Scuola: Albert » Schweitzer

    My school

    Dear Gustav
    My favorite subject is Science.Classes start at 7.55 and finish at 12.55.And yours?I live in a house and you?My favorite room is the drawingroom because there is the xbox 360 there.Do you live in a rillage or in the city?Is it small or big?My favorite hobby is riding my bike and yours?
    Do you read comics?I have fun with the xbox 360 and you?
    Write to my soon.
    Johnny Fruscalzo

  16. 18 aprile 2013
    Chiara » Scuola: A Schweitzer »


    Hello Saga!
    thank you for your letter.I was born on the 8th Fabruary. I live in San Giovanni al Natisone, a village near Udine. Ther are not many shops: there's a stationary shop, a baker's shop, a supermarket and other shops. I like this village because it is quiet. I would like to live in Canada, either in Toronto or in Stratford because my idol was born there: Justin Bieber. When I have got time I listen to music or read a book or play with the Play-station 3. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I play basketball with my basketball team: Centro Sedia Basket. I often can't go to trainings because I have too much homework: I love listening to pop and hip hop music. I listen to: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Usher, Chris Brown, Ludacris, Macklemore, Carly Rae Jepsen and Emblem 3.
    I wuold like to play Ice Hockey and watch the Toronto Maple Leafs, my favourite team. I don't like much One Direction. I have read many books: Eragon, Eldest, I am Number Four, The Power of Six, Young Sherlock Holmes Death Cloud, Young Sherlock Holmes Red Leech. Noe I am reading Young Sherlock Holmes Black Ice. After I read Hunger Games. My favourite movies are: Justin Bieber Never Say Never, The Karate Kid the Leggend contine, I am Number Four, Beastly and Eragon. My favourite actor is Alex Pettyfer.
    What are yours favourite books?
    What are yours favourite movies?
    GOOD BYE!!!
    CHIARA :)

  17. 18 aprile 2013
    angie » Scuola: A Schweitzer »

    la lettera

    Hello Isabella,
    you have a beautiful name. I have 2 fish named Dori and Nemo. I unfortunately da not have any best friends nor friends at school, but I like a guy who comes to school with me and is in the third class, his name is "NICHOLAS"
    My idol is Jasmine Villegas because she sings very well, there are so many other singers that I like but she is my favourite...
    At school I study English and German, and I know a little Spanish, my phone is a samsung which I almost never use because I do not like to spend all the time with that.
    How is your school? Mine is big and beatiful. It consists of 2 floors, below there are 4 classes: 1c-2c-2d and 3c
    On the first floor there are other classes.
    I live in an apartment that consists of 2 floors...
    Where do you live?
    The town where I live is quite large... There is a kinder garden a middle school and an elementary school.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. 18 aprile 2013
    giada » Scuola: A. Schweitzer »

    for Arian

    Hi,Arian! How are you?
    Here school starts at 7.55 and finishes at 12.55.
    Is it the same in Sweden?
    I have 5 classes a day: every hour we change subject.
    How many classes have you got?
    At 10.55 we have a break and we eat a snack.
    My favourite subjects are P.E. and geography. What are yours?
    The subject I hate most is history.
    What are the subject you hate most?
    I live in a big house with 2 floors and 8 rooms.
    Where do you live?
    I don't practice any sports, my hobbies are surfing the net and hanging around with friends.
    On Sundays I sometimes go to the stadium with my dad and my friends and their parents.
    Have you got any hobbies?
    Do you do any sport?
    I hope to hear from you soon

  19. 18 aprile 2013
    gabriele » Scuola: »

    to Saga.

    Dear Saga i' m not a girl!!!!!!!!!!
    are you a girl? My school start at 8 o' clock. My favourite subject is English. At school whe have a good computer lab. Y live in house, it' s not so big. There are 2 floors and 4 rooms. San Giovanni, is not very big but there are a lot of shops. Y love my town. In my free time i do parkour or i hang on with my friends, and you? what is your house? Bye from Gabriele

  20. 18 aprile 2013
    Karin » Scuola: San Giovanni al Natisone »

    hello Mana!!!!

    hello!!!Dear Mana
    I live in a semi-detached house. My house has got 2 floors,with 7 rooms on the first floor: my dad and mum's room, my room, 2 bathrooms,a kitchen, a games room and a living room. On the ground floor there are 7 rooms: the garage, the cellar, a bedroom, a bathroom a small cellar and a kitchen. My home is very very big. My favourite room is the games room where there are many things: 2 computers, a lot of soft toys and my nintendo with a lot of games. My house is super. What is your house like?
    Good bye,from Karin !!!

  21. 18 aprile 2013
    Alessia » Scuola: Albert schweitzer »

    my letter

    My answer to your letter.
    hello nora!
    I'm Alessia.
    Justin Bieber is my idol. I love him. I hate "One Direction". Anyway, even if I do not like anyone, which of the four do you think is the most handsome ?
    I love the colors red and blue. My birthday is on June 20th.
    What breed of dog do you like?
    You have disney channel in your home?
    If yes, do you like Violetta?
    The my school to start at 7.55. Sometimes the lessons are very boring. My favorite matter is P.E., my hated matter is Geography.
    I live in a house. My house has got two floors. What is your house like? And your town?
    My town is quite big. I love it because I have near me my best friends.
    In my free time I to chat on the Internet.
    In the afternoon I go dancing. In the late afternoon I go to dance classes, only on Tuesday and Thursday.
    My hobby is dancing and playing football. I have fun.
    Have you got a hobby?
    At school how are the lessons?
    bye! bye!
    Alessia :-) (-:

  22. 18 aprile 2013
    angie » Scuola: »


  23. 11 aprile 2013
    Emanuele » Scuola: A Schweitzer »

    My description

    My name is Emanuele, I

  24. 8 aprile 2013
    Hedda » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Dear Giulia
    Hello Giulia my name is Hedda and I am 11 years old girl who lives in Kallh

  25. 8 aprile 2013
    Hedda » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Dear Gaia
    Hi Gaia! My name is Hedda and I am a girl who is 11 years old. My birthday is on the 17

  26. 8 aprile 2013
    Isabelle » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Heey Jona, I am girl who is 11 years old.
    My name is Isabelle.I live in Sweden near Stockholm I Kallh

  27. 8 aprile 2013
    Isabelle » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Heey Angie, I

  28. 8 aprile 2013
    Nora » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hello Alessia! My name Nora and I am a girl. I am 12 years old. I live in Kallh

  29. 8 aprile 2013
    Nina » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    To: Denisa
    My name is Nina. I am 11 yers old. I am a girl. I love your name. I like One Direction.
    I live in Kallh

  30. 8 aprile 2013
    Mikael » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hallo Svetlo!! My name is Mikael I live in Sweden in j

  31. 8 aprile 2013
    Casper » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hi Cinza! My name is Casper. I have already had my 12 years birthday. I live in St

  32. 8 aprile 2013
    Gustav » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Dear Johnny!
    My name is Gustav. I am 12 years old. I live in k

  33. 8 aprile 2013
    Elias » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hello Samuele! My name is Elias. I`m 11 years old and I am a boy. I live in St

  34. 8 aprile 2013
    Arian » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hallo Giada
    My name is Arian. I am a boy. I am from Stockholm in Sweden. I live in J

  35. 8 aprile 2013
    Alva » Scuola: Kolar »

    Dear Marilena
    My name is Alva. I live in a little locution called Kallh

  36. 28 marzo 2013
    Mana » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    My name is Mana. I

  37. 28 marzo 2013
    Otto » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hello, Yong Hao. My name is Otto. I am a boy. I will soon be 12 years old. I live in St

  38. 28 marzo 2013
    Otto » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hello Matteo. My name is Otto, I

  39. 28 marzo 2013
    Saga » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hello!! Dear Chiara?
    My name is Saga and I am a girl. I am eleven (11) years old. I live in St

  40. 28 marzo 2013
    Saga » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hello! Gabriela<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    My name is Saga. I am eleven (11) years old and live in St

  41. 28 marzo 2013
    Samuel » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hello, Manuel
    My name is Samuel and I am a boy. I`m 11 years old and my birthday is on the 21:th of May. I live in Sweden, Kallh

  42. 28 marzo 2013
    samuel » Scuola: Kolar »

    My first letter

    Hi, Asia
    My name is Samuel and I am a boy. I am 11 years old and my birthday is on the 21:th of May. I live in Sweden, Stockholm, Kallh

  43. 19 febbraio 2013
    Marilena » Scuola: "A. Schweitzer" » class 1^ C

    About me

    Hi, my name is Marilena, I

  44. 14 febbraio 2013
    Yong Hao » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1C


    My name is Yong Hao. I'm 11 years old. I'm Chinese. I live in San Giovanni al Natisone. I'm of average height and build. I have a small nose and a small mouth. My eyes are black. i have got short black hair. I have got a fair complexion. I have got three brothers and a sister.
    I like football and pizza. And you?
    Yong Hao

  45. 14 febbraio 2013
    Manuel » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1C

    Hello from Manuel

    Hello. My name is Manuel, I'm 11 years old. I'm Croatian, but live in Italy in San Giovanni. I'm short and robust. I've got short blond hair and big blue eyes. I'm helpful, kind and gentle. My mum is of average build and short. She has got big blue eyes and long red hair. My dad is plump and tall. He has got small blue eyes and short black hair. My brother is slim and tall. He has got big blue eyes and short brown hair. My dog is short and robust. It has got short black fur and big brown eyes. My hobbies are reading and surfing the Internet. I love pizza but I hate salad and I like swimming. And you?
    Bye bye.
    From Manuel

  46. 14 febbraio 2013
    Samuele » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1C

    My description

    Hello! My name is Samuele. I'm tall and slim. I've got long blond hair and blue eyes. I've got a beautiful dog, a German shepard. Its name is Rex. I love my dog. I've got a sister. My sister is short and slim. My dad is tall and of medium build. My mum is tall and slim. I've got a girlfriend and her name is Letizia. She is tall and slim. I love her. Write to me soon.

  47. 14 febbraio 2013
    Matteo » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1C

    This is me

    Hello, my name is Matteo. I'm 12. I have blue eyes, I have short brown hair. I am tall and slim. I'm Italian and live in Italy. I am helpful, nice and kind. My mum is slim and tall. She has got green eyes and has long curly brown hair. My dad is tall and slim. He has got short brown hair. He has blue eyes. My brother is identical to my dad. I have three cats: Nerino, Luna and Stella. My sport is softair. I like pizza and swimming and hate salad.
    Bye bye,

  48. 12 febbraio 2013
    Giada » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1C


    My name is Giada and I am eleven years old.
    I'm from Italy, I'm Italian and I live in Villanova del Judrio.
    I'm tall and slim, I've got a fair complexion, long brown hair and green eyes. I've got a small nose and a small mouth.
    This is my family: my mum Clara, my dad Ivano and my sister Greta. I've got a dog, Chicca.
    My hobbies are watching tv, surfing the net and doing sport.
    I like pizza and ice-cream, I don't mind fish and chicken.

  49. 8 febbraio 2013
    Cinzia » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1C


    Hello, my name is Cinzia. My nickname is Brilliant Star. I

  50. 8 febbraio 2013
    Denisa » Scuola: A. Schweitzer » 1^C

    My Description

    My name is Denisa , I

  51. 7 febbraio 2013
    Chiara D. » Scuola: A. Schweitzer »

    My description

    Hello! My name is Chiara. I'm 11 years old. I'm Italian. I live in San Giovanni al Natisone. I'm of average build and tall. I've got a small mouth. My eyes are brown. I've got short brown hair. I' ve got a fair complexion. I wear pierced earring. I usually wear casual clothing. Usually I'm happy but when I have homework I'm sad. My dad's name's Nevio. He's got a fair complexion. He's of average height. He's got a muscular body. He's got short grey hair, green eyes, an aquiline nose and a small mouth.
    My mum name's Marilena. She's plump and and of average height. She's got brown hair. She's got a small nose and a small mouth. She's got a fair complexion. She wears pierced earrings, too. I haven't got any sisters or brithers. I haven't got a pet, but my favourite pets are cats.
    My favourite colour is green. I love playing basketball. I don't mind swimming. I like playing football but I prefer playing ice hokey. I hate playing volleyball.
    Who's your favourite singer?
    Who's your favourite actor/actress?
    What's your favourite sport?
    What's your favourite colour?

  52. 7 febbraio 2013
    jona » Scuola: A Schweitzer »

    my description

    Hello my name is jona i am 12 years old. am of Albania origin but i live in San Giovanni al Natisone,mear Udine, in Itali.i am of average build and a littel plamp. IAM very smail.My family is made of three people, my and my parens.I practi sports and swiming but i'd like tu du baskeball.Or of her sports, such as ....volleyball and gymnastics. Whit love

  53. 7 febbraio 2013
    Gabriele » Scuola: A Schweitzer »

    My description

    Hello I'm Gabriele.I am 12 years old, I'm from San Giovanni near Udine, in Italy. I'm tall and plump, I have got long legs and arms,I have got green eyes, brown hair and white teeth. I'm nice, brillant, intelligent and I'm very lucky. My family is composed of my sister, my mum, my dad, my dog and I. I don't have other pets. My favourite animals are wolves. During my free time I play, I go jogging, I read or listen to music.
    Bye Gabriele

  54. 7 febbraio 2013
    Asia » Scuola: sec. di I gr.A.Schweitzer »


    HI, I AM ASIA.

  55. 7 febbraio 2013
    Svetlo » Scuola: A Schweitzer »

    My description

    My name is Svetlo, I'm 11, I'm Italien, I live in a small town,San Giovanni Al Natisone. I am nice, in my family there are my dad, my mum and me! I' haven't got any pets,my hobbies are playing with wii and mario kart wii. I like pizza and hot dogs. I don't like aspagous. I hate doing homework.
    Hope to here from you soon !!!


  56. 7 febbraio 2013
    Johnny » Scuola: Albert schwitzer » 1c

    La mia descrizione

    Hello!My name is Johnny.I'm 11 years old. I am Italian.
    I live in Dolegna del Collio, a small village near Udine. I'm tall and of average build. I have got short brown hair, small brown eyes and black glasses.
    I'm a touchy,generous and honest boy. My dad's name is Gabriel, my mom's name is Gabriella, my brother's name is Kevin and my dog is Lucky. My hobbies are playing videogames, riding my bike and playing with my dog. I likes fruit, sweets and Chinese food.
    And you? Write to me soon.

  57. 7 febbraio 2013
    Karin » Scuola: A.Schweitzer »


    Hello. My name is Karin. I am 11 years old. I'm from San Giovanni al Natisone, in the north-east of Italy.
    I am tall and slim. I have got short brown hair and green eyes. I've got a fair complexion. I have got a regular face, a small nose and mouth.
    In my family there are 3 people: mum, dad and I. I haven't got any pets.
    I like volleyball but I don't play it, because I have too much to study. I like a lot of things, for example pizza, ice crearm, cakes, chicken, coca cola, but I don't like vegetables. I think I am a sunny, cheerful girl, nice and also pretty. Yours,

  58. 7 febbraio 2013
    Angie » Scuola: A.schweitzer »

    My description

    Hello, I am a 12 year old girl, I was born in Colombia, I have Italian parents. I live in a small town in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the province of Udine. I attend the sixth grade and I really like going to school, because this year I have new friends and teachers. My favourite subject is Maths, and my favorite color is yellow. I have curly black hair and everyone says I'm beautiful, but I am not convinced. I have got an olive complexion and I am tall. I have practiced many sports: swimming, volleyball, skating, gymnastics and finally basketball. Unfortunately this year I cannot play sports because I attend an afterschool activity every day. I would like to become president of the republic, but I would like to do even the social worker to help people in difficulty, especially children. I prefer winter, because we celebrate Christmas with the whole family. And you, which season do you prefer? What would you like to be? What sports do you play? What is your favorite subject? And your color? Do you have brothers or sisters? I look forward to hearing from you,
    with love,

  59. 7 febbraio 2013
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    Hello I

  60. 7 febbraio 2013
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    My name is Gaia and I am 11 years old. I

  61. 7 febbraio 2013
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    My name is Alessia, I

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