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Inglese, Sloveno, Friulano, Sagnolo, Croato…usa questo spazio per inviare e ricevere messaggi nelle lingue che conosci, che usi abitualmente, che studi…
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  1. 17 novembre 2008
    furly » Scuola: »

    Mandi mandi a duc.. io o feveli x furlan e o soi contenta di ese furlana!!! w il Friul e speren di tigni il furlan simpri vif e di no dismentealu!!!! mandiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. 13 aprile 2008
    Megan » Scuola: guardate sotto, nell'altro » messaggio ... =O

    Hi teacher Ivana

    Hello teacher !! How are you ? I'd like to right to you to tell some of the things that are happening in the secondary school !
    Well, after Active English ( from the 18 of Febrary until the 22 of Febrary ) we had so many tests that my head was exploding ... pum !!
    The teachers are good ... to make us study !! Oh, we have so much homework that I nearly forget my name ... I'm Megan, right ?
    I hope you right soon, dear teacher Ivana, because I don't now what to do ... ( other then my homework .... )= P )

    Bye,bye, MeGaN A. Scuola Media, Manzano

  3. 13 aprile 2008
    Megan » Scuola: media manzano » "Elvira e Amalia Piccoli"

    Ciao a tutti !

    Hi Stefano,
    I'm Megan, nice too meet you !
    I'm an italian girl but I know haw to speak English fluently.
    Righting is a little bitt harder soo I make some errors ... XP
    Well, I know the words, so I haven't problems to exipress my self !!
    Oh, it was nice to right to you ... see you .... ehm ... next time ?
    Bye, bye !!

    PS: I'm good ? Well, for a 12/13 year old .... mà ! = D

  4. 7 aprile 2008
    Stefano Moscardini » Scuola: secondaria Faedis »

    anyone there?

    Hi folks,
    I am now trying this blog, it's completely new to me. I was born and raised in Udine, Italy. I studied in Udine until 1995, when I moved to the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
    I enjoyed Guelph for one and a half years, then back to Italy till 1999.
    This time I moved to Warwickshire, England to join a private company as a scientific officer.
    I lived in England for two friuitful years, then I moved back to Italy to start a new job as a teacher.
    I would like to chat with anyone who wants to keep their english fluent.
    talk to you later!!!!

  5. 13 gennaio 2007
    Antonella Brugnoli » Scuola: »

    Best wishes from S.Leonardo

    Hi to everyone! Wishing you lots of best wishes, from Patrizia from Melbourne. Currently on holidays in Italy and visiting my cousin Leonardo at his primary school (S.Leonardo primary school.
    Patrizia da Melbourne (Australia)

    13.03.2006 - IC San Pietro al Natisone Elementare San Leonardo Quarta

    Ciao od Macedonia.
    Metodi e Gabriele


    Hello, we are MISTERY LADY, BLACK LADY, YELLOW LADY and MILADY RED ROSE. We wish a fantastic holidays to the fifth class of the schools of Remanzacco,Premariacco and Moimacco HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
    mistery lady,black lady, yellow lady, milady red rose

    28.01.2005 - DD Cividale Elementare Alesandro Manzoni Quarta B
    Cerco amici

    Ciao jasam Azra Jasarevic i recuvam vic: ima iendna baka ,tata,mamai diete i vce nano lezi i ugasi televizor oni su dosli i vice nano sto nisi leglai skinilase kakocu se skinit ka me gledaiu na televisoru. CIAO AZRA.
    Azra jasarevic

    07.01.2005 - DD Manzano Elementare Via libertà Quinta
    Buon Anno amici croati !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ciao Amici di Albona , siamo Giulio e Michele desideriamo farvi i nosti + sentiti auguri di Natale e di buon Anno nuovo.
    Giulio e Michele

    20.12.2004 - IC Premariacco Elementare Orsaria Quinta
    Ai bambini di VA e VB della Scuola Primaria di S.Pietro al Natisone

    Hi friends!How are You?Thank you for your Halloween greetings.In our class we are eighteen of us.At Christmas we sing carols and decorate a Christmas tree. What about you? We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    KIss Kiss Kiss!!!

    18.11.2004 - IC San Pietro al Natisone Elementare San Leonardo Terza
    Alla maestra Emilia

    Hola maestra Emilia, come stai? Come state a Maiorca? Grazie per il messaggio, è stato uno dei più belli che abbiamo ricevuto! Anche tu sei molto carina vorremmo tanto rivederti presto e vorremmo anche vedere i tuoi bambini di 6°. Ieri la maestra Paola ci ha letto in castigliano i vostri messaggi e noi bambini abbiamo capito le parole: è molto facile e bella la vostra lingua! Adios, maestra Emilia. Hasta muy pronto! Hola anche da Paola, un beso muy grande!!
    Classe terza di San Leonardo

    29.10.2004 - DD Bilingue San Pietro al Natisone Elementare Quinta A


    29.10.2004 - DD Bilingue San Pietro al Natisone Elementare Quinta B
    The festival of fear !!!!!

    Halloween is a very old festival.It is more than 2000 years old.It used to be called the festival of .Today it is the festival of fun.Children dress up as whitches or ghosts and play tricks on people. HALLOWEEN RYME :TRICK OR TREAT SMELL MY FEET GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!!!!!!

    29.10.2004 - IC Premariacco Elementare Orsaria
    Brave che frute!!!

    Tu ses propri brave!!! Une busade grande grande. Denise cuntinue cusì!

    28.10.2004 - IC Premariacco Elementare Orsaria Quinta

    Hi friends! If you are there, clap your hands. Are you ready for Halloween night? Pumpinks, ghosts, spiders and owls may be with you for all night long. If you want to know ours names write a massage in this pages. Happy Halloween!!! Have a scary night!!!

    28.10.2004 - IC Premariacco Elementare Orsaria Quinta
    A me mi plas cjacarà in furlan!

    Mandi, cjemut staiso? Io ben! A me mi plas tant cjacarà in furlan sie a scuele, sie a cjase, insomme par dot! Però mi vergogni un poc. Mannnnnndeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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