Redazione Giornalistica delle classi 5° di Corno di Rosazzo con  5° A di San Pietro Bilingue
Spazio per discussioni, confronti, suddivisione dei compiti, raccolta delle fonti e scrittura degli articoli giornalistici!
Questa è la vostra Redazione congiunta, incontratevi qui per realizzare il vostro giornale!
In arrivo per voi i tesserini dei giornalisti RDF e un libro con CD per realizzare un vero giornale!
Buon lavoro!

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  1. 22 marzo 2012
    kraken » Scuola: s.Giusto » mi mancate perche ho cambiato scuola

    ragazzi qui

  2. 30 ottobre 2011
    anonimo » Scuola: ignota »


  3. 18 aprile 2011
    classe 5 » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »


    hi, friends
    do you know who are the Leprechauns?
    They are Irish elves. They are magic. The leprechauns are shoe makers, they make shoes for the fairies. They have a lot of gold and they hide it in a pot at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns are similar to the

  4. 6 aprile 2011
    PIETRO ELIA MATTEO G. GIOVANNI » Scuola: Bilingue S. Pietro »


    Lintver is a dragon and it is green. It looks like a lizard. Its tail spits fire. Lintver eats gold. It hasn't got wings, so it can't fly, but it can run very fast. It lives in a cave and it is very wise. It can not die unless it is killed.

  5. 6 aprile 2011
    ANDREA THOMAS IVAN LUCA MATTEO B. » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    They are goblins and they live in the Natisone Valleys or on the mount Matajur. They are small and thin. They are very intelligent. They can run very fast, but when they want to go faster they roll.They wear a red pointed hat and a red dress. Their shoes have a little bell. They are also great chefs. They can cook very well especially sweets with chocolate. They live in the trees and THEY ARE MAGIC!!!!

  6. 6 aprile 2011
    EMMA NOEMI ELISA CATE TANJA » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »


    Hi friends, we told you the story of Jubica and Arpit. It is one of the most famous stories of Natisone Valleys. But we also have other interesting characters like the KRIVAPETE. Do you know them? They are girls. Some of them are beautiful, some are nasty. Most of them have got long blond hair and blue eyes. They are tall and thin. The Krivapete have got backwards feet. They wear dresses. They sometimes eat the animals they find in the wood where they live, but they sometimes eat children. They are very clever.

  7. 6 aprile 2011
    classe 5 » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    Jubica and Arpit- EPISODE THREE

    The last day ....
    ...not even a sheep is alive...Jubica goes to the cave because she wants to kill Arpit with a stone, but she fails....oh dear... Arpit puts his hand out of the cave and gets the girl....oh dear....Arpit eats her.
    Now in the river you can see red shades. The legend says it is Jubica's blood.
    THE END.

  8. 5 aprile 2011
    classe 5 » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    Jubica and Arpit- EPISODE TWO

    Next day...
    Jubica goes back to the cave because she wants to find her favorite sheep, but she is also attracted to that place. Unfortunately she rolls another stone and Arpit puts his hand out and gets another sheep. Day after day Jubica goes to the cave and Arpit eats one sheep after the other, until not a single sheep is left.
    ....last day....

  9. 2 aprile 2011
    cl. 5 » Scuola: Scuola Primaria a tempo pieno di Corno di Rosazzo - via Pirona »

    DO YOU KNOW ...?

    Hello friends,
    hello teacher!
    in questi giorni abbiamo letto sul nostro libro di inglese alcune legende ... misteriose ... sarebbe bello sapere se anche voi ne avete sentito parlare!!!
    La prima ci ha portato con la fantasia in ... Scotland.
    """ Scotland is home to many spooky ghost stories.
    At Carbisdale Castle people say there is a "Lady in White" who walks around the rooms in a white dress.
    There is also the "Piper" ghost : you can hear him playing the bagpipes."""
    Avete mai sentito parlare di questa Lady in white???
    Noi stiamo facendo delle ricerche a riguardo... vi terremo aggiornati!!!

  10. 27 marzo 2011
    cl. 5 » Scuola: Corno di Rosazzo »

    Sorry !

    Hello friends!
    Thank you, we are well! Scusate ma quest'anno siamo terribilmente indietro con i messaggi perch

  11. 13 marzo 2011
    classe 5 » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    Jubica and Arpit- EPISODE ONE

    But one day.....
    Jubica must bring the sheep out to pasture. Her parents advise her:" don't go near the cave, IT IS DANGEROUS!". But near the cave the grass is green and fresh, so she brigs the sheep there. Walking near the cave she rolls a stone... oh dear...
    Suddently Arpit wakes up and roars. He puts his hand out of the cave and gets a sheep. Jubica runs away with all the sheep. When she arrives home, she counts the sheep... one is missing ...her favourite is missing!
    Next day......

  12. 2 marzo 2011
    Matteo D. Andrea M.C. Sasha Mattia » Scuola: bilingue S.Pietro »


    Arpit is the other protagonist of the legend. He is legendary ogre and he lives on Matajur. Do you remember what is Matajur? Yes,of course! He lives in a cave near the river Arpit. Arpit is also the name of the river. He is carnivorous and he likes sheep. He is very big and hairy. He has got a big mouth. He has got backwards eyes. He never goes outside the cave. If someone makes a noise passing close to the cave, he puts his hand out of the cave and takes this person or animal. But one day..........

  13. 2 marzo 2011
    Lorena Fanika Anna M. Katja » Scuola: bilingue S.Pietro »


    Jubiza is the protagonist of a famous legend " Jubiza and Arpit". Jubiza is a pretty girl. She has got long blond hair and blue eyes. She always wears a long dress. She is intelligent. Jubiza lives in a small village on Matajur. Do you know what is Matajur? It is the mountain above the Natisone Valleys. Jubiza lives in this village with her mum, dad and her brother. Her pet is a dog. She has also a bird. Her family has a lot of sheep and Jubiza every day must bring the sheep to graze. But one day.........

  14. 2 marzo 2011
    classe 5 » Scuola: bilingue S.Pietro »

    continuing with the project

    Dear friends, how are you?
    We are well. We have been working on our project and now we want to tell you what we have done untill now. In our area the Natisone Valleys, we have a lot of legends with strange and special characters we want to describe. In the next messages you will find the descriptions.
    We are waiting for your news, please write us soon.
    Bye bye!!

  15. 26 febbraio 2011
    Emma » Scuola: Bilingue S. Pietro »

    Describe me

    Hi ,my name is Emma. I love gymnastic and volley; On free time I like listen to music. I like very much pets. I have got a dog: its name is Meggy. My favourite food is chips and chicken. I don't like beans.

  16. 8 febbraio 2011
    Elia » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »


    My name is Elia and I'm ten. I'm short and thin. I like animals, especially the wolf. My favorite food is pasta and chips. I can play football and I can play the guitar. Bye bye!

  17. 8 febbraio 2011
    Andrea M. C. » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I will be a ski champion!!!

  18. 8 febbraio 2011
    Matteo B. » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I like drawing

    Hi, my name is Matteo. I

  19. 1 febbraio 2011
    Andrea » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I'm here too

    Hi I'm Andrea Iussig. I'm 10 years old. I live in Azzida.
    I have one sister and her name is Giada. My mum's name is Rita and my dad's name is Lucio. My hobbies are cooking and chess. My sport is karate. I want to be a confectioner. I have three dogs and two fish.
    write soon

  20. 28 gennaio 2011
    Matteo D. » Scuola: bilingue »

    I want to be a footballer

    Hi, my name is Matteo and I'm ten years old. I like sport and my favourite food is pizza. When I grow up I want to be a footballer because I can play football very well!!
    bye ...bye

  21. 26 gennaio 2011
    Lorena » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I want to be a singer!

    Hi, my name is Lorena and I'm ten years old. I live in Seuza. I don't have hobbies but I like animals. My favourite animal is the dog. When I grow up I want to be a singer, because I love music. My favourite band is Paramore. I can sing very well!!
    write soon

  22. 26 gennaio 2011
    Ivan » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    introducing myself

    Hi, my name is Ivan and I'm from Tercimonte.
    I'm 10 years old and my birthday is on 19th of April.
    I play elettric guitar. I' ve got a sister and a dog: his name is Lampo.
    At school I study Italian, Slovenian and English. My favourite subject is maths.
    My favourite food is meat and chips and I don't like vegetables.
    My favourite colour is green fluorescent. I have a red motorbike.
    My favourite football team is Inter.
    My favourite animal is jako.

  23. 26 gennaio 2011
    Elisa » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    This is me....Elisa

    Hi, my names is Elisa. I

  24. 26 gennaio 2011
    Thomas » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »


    Hi, my name is Thomas, I live in Cividale and I

  25. 26 gennaio 2011
    Pietro » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    about my music and my sport

    My name is Pietro. I'm ten years old . I live in Seuza. My favourite sport is football. I like listening to the music and my favourite band is AC/DC . My favourite team is JUVENTUS. What is your favourite football team? and what is your favourite band or singer?
    Bye bye

  26. 26 gennaio 2011
    Caterina » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    Do you like Nutella?

    Hi,my name is Catherine and I attend the 5 class of the bilingual school in San Pietro al Natisone.
    I am ten years old, I' m very nice and I like to have fun. I have one brother and one sister. My favourite food is NUTELLA. Do you like Nutella? It is really very good, I don't like: spinach,tomatoes, peas, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, cheese, etc. ........!My favorite singer is Brenda Daniela Asnicar Mendoza. When I grow up I want to be a vet because I like animals.
    Bye bye Caterina

  27. 26 gennaio 2011
    Fanika » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »

    I like animals

    Hi! I

  28. 26 gennaio 2011
    Sasha » Scuola: bilingue S. Pietro »


    Hi, my name is Sasha Blasutig . I am really happy to start this project with you. Now I want to describe myself.
    I am ten years old. I live in a big house with my family: my dad, my mum, my little brother and my dog Sky.
    My hobbies are: playing chess, playing piano and I am a very good swimmer. I want to become botanist because I like succulent plants. I like watching TV, but I don

  29. 26 gennaio 2011
    Luca » Scuola: Bilingue S. Pietro »


    Hello dear friends of Corno di Rosazzo.

  30. 26 gennaio 2011
    classe 5 » Scuola: Bilingue S. Pietro »


    Hi, dear friends!
    We are class 5 of the bilingual school of S. Pietro. We are very happy to read your massage! Don't worry if you use English with us, because we want to use only English with you! At school we don't have problems with the internet, but we haven't got a lot of computers, we have only one computer in our classroom. We have some ideas about the topic we want to discuss: we are interested in hobbies, animals, jobs, but also in waste recycling or English culture compared to our culture.
    And you, have you got any ideas?
    Write soon.....bye bye!!

  31. 20 gennaio 2011
    cl. 5 » Scuola: Corno di Rosazzo T.P. »


    Hello, friends !
    We are the 5 class of the Primary School of Corno di Rosazzo and we want to write you because .... scusate ... ma a volte dimentichiamo che questo progetto lo porteremo avanti sia in inglese che in italiano...per questo scusate se a volte ci "scappa" qualche parolina straniera!!! Come procede la vostra attivit

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